From New York to Paris: Stephen Orso and Andrei Gillott’s Driès Continues to Elevate

PARIS — Driès, the collaborative effort of nightlife virtuoso Andrei Gillott and music executive Stephen Orso, continued their run of exclusive parties with two events during this year’s Paris Fashion Week. With both events held at the esteemed “Maison Du Caviar”, and riding the wave of acclaim from orchestrating one of the most buzzworthy events of New York’s Fashion Week last month, the Driès ensemble did their part to ensure all their attendees had unforgettable experiences.

On Thursday, 9/28, the ambiance was set abuzz with anticipatory excitement, creating a vibrant first night to the weekend ahead with sounds by DJ Cruz and Ramsey Austin as well as a plethora of A List attendees. The Driès team also honored Stephane Bak’s birthday in a grand affair with Timothée Chalamet gracing the occasion to celebrate Bak’s special day.

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