New 4-episode Naruto Anime Release Date Has Been Postponed

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After being announced and hyped out for months, unfortunately, the upcoming 4-episode new Naruto anime turns out to be delayed.

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The official website of the Naruto anime series released a statement revealing that the debut of “Naruto (Shinsaku Anime)” will be delayed from September 3 in order to enhance and optimize its animation quality. Pierrot will unveil the rescheduled premiere date later, and as a substitute, the previously announced time slot will be filled with select episodes from “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations”.

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Naruto (Shinsaku Anime) is specially crafted to honor the series’ 20th anniversary. The new anime is believed to cover brand-new, anime-only stories, and also revisit iconic storylines from the show’s original run.

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