Why “Rent-A-Girlfriend” Feels So Boring Lately

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Anime enthusiasts have a vast array of genres to choose from, and the harem genre, in particular, has always been a hit or miss for many. “Rent-A-Girlfriend” or “Kanojo, Okarishimasu” (often abbreviated to “KanoKari”) is one such harem anime that started with a bang but seems to have lost its charm lately. But why has this once-promising show become a topic of contention among fans?

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Season 2

A Promising Start with a Downward Spiral

When “Rent-A-Girlfriend” first aired, it offered a semi-fresh take on the harem genre. The premise was intriguing: a college student, Kazuya, rents a girlfriend after a breakup, leading to a series of comedic and romantic entanglements. Each girl had their own distinct personality. The initial episodes were cringey yet spicy, offering a blend of humor and drama that kept viewers hooked.

rent a girlfriend chizuru mizuhara cooking
Chizuru Mizuhard (“Ichinose”)

However, as the series progressed, it became evident that the show was stuck in a repetitive loop. The same plot devices were used over and over again, with little to no character development. For instance, Mami’s ominous glances and Chizuru’s flustered reactions became predictable, leading to a sense of monotony. The lack of substantial plot development made the story feel stagnant, and the comedic elements, which were initially entertaining, became repetitive.

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Kazuya: Literally the Worst?

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Kazuya, being dumb

Kazuya, the protagonist, has been a significant point of contention. While some viewers might find his indecisiveness and overthinking relatable, many others feel that he’s one of the worst main characters ever created. His immaturity and inability to make decisions have made him a target of criticism. The fact that multiple attractive women are inexplicably drawn to him, despite his evident flaws, feels unrealistic and detracts from the story’s credibility.

Is There Hope for “Rent-A-Girlfriend”?

Despite the criticisms, there are still ….some redeeming qualities to the show. Chizuru’s journey as an aspiring actress offers a glimmer of hope for character development, at least for one of our characters. The introduction of new characters and arcs, like the upcoming movie arc, might breathe some life into the series. However, based on past patterns, many viewers remain skeptical.

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In conclusion, “Rent-A-Girlfriend” had the potential to be a standout harem anime. However, repetitive plot devices, lack of character development, and an increasingly frustrating protagonist have led to its decline in popularity. While there’s always hope for improvement, the series needs a significant overhaul to win back its disillusioned fanbase.

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